Our team originates and structures complex transactions across the capital structure of our clients and caters to both public and private companies as well as institutional investors and financial sponsors.

Our core products and expertise include:

Equity and Equity-Linked

We originate and structure equity and equity-linked offerings in order to help our clients finance their businesses, key acquisitions or optimize their balance sheet. These transactions include – among others – sell-downs for major shareholders  and convertible securities issues.

Private Placements

Private equity offerings are becoming increasingly common and are utilized by our clients in a number of different situations including: i) private companies who wish to raise capital without accessing the public markets, ii) early stage companies who wish to raise growth capital but are not yet ready to become public entities and iii) public companies who wish to issue private securities.

Examples of private placements include growth / seed capital, pre-IPO convertibles and private investments in public equity (PIPEs).

Debt & Hybrid Financings

We originate and structure financing solutions that rebalance our clients’ capital structure to take advantage of the current market conditions and expected market trends.

We also specialize in hybrid instruments that combine both debt and equity characteristics and may therefore be structured to either resemble equity, equity-linked or debt-like securities and so to meet the issuer’s specific requirements and objectives. These hybrid instruments include convertible notes, preference shares and income securities as well as other tailored instruments.